Southern Ridges

Marang Trail

Today, we made our way out of Harborfront MRT station, determined to find the route to Henderson Waves. The time weather was fair when we started out our journey from Marang Trail but little did we know that the entire hiking experience would end up enriching us with plenty of lessons along the way and that includes, bringing your own shades / cap when you are hiking in a rain forest! I was all prepared; I brought along my Japanese cap, sunblock lotion, mineral water, sunshades and packed beef black-pepper lunch but my dearest Muzzy over there didn’t bring his own cap, water, shades, sunblock, insect repellent or even towel to prepare himsel for the journey!

Seriously, guys suck at packing and preparing things beforehand don’t they?


Thank God I had the generosity to donate to the donation drive which was giving away Milo packets with any amount of donation. I didn’t have coins thus I donated $2 – oh my Lord, since when does Milo cost that much? Stop poking fun at my $2 Milo packet Muzzy. If it wasn’t for my quick-thinking, you would have been dehydrated by the time you reached Henderson Waves.

Anyway, after hours of trekking, we called it a day at Alkaff Mansion.

Total time spent taking in the scenic views of nature’s flora and fauna: 5 hours.

Southern Ridges Map

Mind you, we took five hours to complete the bottom section of the map above and that runs from the Start (blue line) to the Alkaff Mansion which is on the tip of the Hilltop Walk (brown line)! That is barely 4km and we took that long! Why? Because the view at Henderson Waves is breath-taking, we spent close to two hours just lying on the wooden platform 36 metres above the ground, soaking in the evening sun and watching the sea nearby glittering the seconds away like a million jewels sparkling in the sea. Standing so high up on top of Mount Faber, you smell the air so crisp, fresh and unpolluted that you can’t fathom how were you able to live in such a derelict neighbourhood many metres below with the constant air pollution from machines piercing through the valves in our lungs.

Who knew nature could be this beautiful?

All Praises to Our Higher Order.

I can’t wait to finish conquering the Southern Ridges but please Muzzy, come well-prepared or I will tell saas and sassoor.



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