Send My Regards to the Koalas

Today is yet another day that a former close friend of mine migrates to Down Under, specifically Melbourne with an indefinite date of returning back to Singapore. Yes, she has bought a one-way ticket and will either choose to come back this Christmas, NYE or never at all once she settles down at a motel there.

I have no reason as to why her departure is this sudden but knowing her, I suppose impulsive decisions such as these are of second nature to her. Regardless, I wish her well and thank her for the incredible one odd year’s worth of friendship as I don’t think the friendship will continue when she comes back. Yes, we parted on bad terms and that is all meant to be that way. I have no intention of forging a friendship with her all over again as she has revealed a big secret which I cannot understand or ever accept so long as I am alive. Then again, I never expected her to harbor such ridiculous thoughts.

I see her departure as a blessing regardless of how bleak the future of the friendship is. That’s alright, in life we make lotsa good and bad friends; she happens to fall in the latter category. Thank you for being there in my life along with the rest and also for sharing the journey with me and being one of the resultant forces behind me being who I am now.

I wish you well always and hope you will be able to find the happiness you can’t find in the friendship with me.

Goodbye my friend.

PS: Sometimes when a friend leaves me for another country, I feel immensely sad to the brink of tears. But for her, I feel absolutely nothing. Maybe my tears are intending to save themselves for the next departure of yet another good friend who means more to me than this one.


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