SilkAir Recruitment

I would like to unabashedly declare that after much persuasion and nagging from my second brother, I finally mustered the average energy to get out of my house and respond to this walk-in recruitment on the first day of the two-day interview conducted at SIA Group Club:

Yes, I admit that I was one of “those girls who secretly harbor the dreams of being a high-class waitress in the skies” as that sums up what the stereotypes of stewardesses are. Haha, for those of you who actually know me, I really am not as bimbotic as that liner,

“Coffee, tea or me, Sir?”

However, I attended this recruitment drive only to shut my brother’s mouth up as each time there is an advertisement of an airline who is looking for Cabin Crew, my dearest second brother will dutifully cutout the advert for me and ensure that I follow-up and attend them should I be resounding free during that particular date. I passed upon the Qatar recruitment as I was working, hence since SilkAir was the next one in the advertisements, I decided to go just for the sake of experiencing yet another interview session but in an entirely new setting. As usual, I read up on the company profile beforehand and so forth and was up early for an Indian breakfast before I trotted my way to the location as stated in the above advert. Well, I thought I was early since it was five minutes to noon and it was a Friday and I figured I have nothing to lose as I really don’t have 101% of my heart in it but I was so wrong…

I was greeted by a room filled to the brim with a substantial amount of pretty girls donning concrete-thick make-up and saloon-made coifs that can easily make the real SilkAir girls be put to shame. I am not kidding you. I saw a wide variety of eye-shadow colors ranging from the jade-green which is synonymous to SilkAir’s to even bright neon pinks which screams look at me! I have girls numbering to fifty dressed up in green-colored shirts and sky-high heels and doing their best to sashay around the room with as much confidence as Adriana Lima in her VS lingerie walking on top of broken glass. I had enough girls to fill up a quarter of the Indoor Stadium and they were either there with their friends who are vying for the same job or friends from SilkAir or Singapore Airlines.

I was modestly dressed; dressed in a black lace top and black trousers, feet covered up in bronze flats, wore a pair of dangling earrings and my make-up was nowhere near concrete for sure. Sure, for once in my life, I felt superbly under-dressed.

I braved myself to face the other pretty girls as I figured that hey, just for experience I should just go ahead with the entire process. All the girls were required to fill up the application forms and subsequently, the elimination round #1 begins. Round #1 revolves around height. As you can see they are looking for the minimum height of 158cm in height and at least 210cm on tiptoes so all the girls who were wearing their five-inchers had to remove their towering heels and be more “original” in height. Somehow, I tower over them without even the need to wear any heels. I guess it is because I am 167cm tall. Hee 😀 So for those who don’t reach their requirements, they will be eliminated immediately.

I made it to the next round 🙂 Round two was the one with the killer wait. I was sitting around idly, reading my papers and novel that after a while, I figured it would kill time even more if I make some fast friends. So I did! I made friends with my neighbours around me and that was when I made some startling discoveries of some of the girls who are around my age:

Let’s name them Tasha, Farah & Amanda.

Tasha is a 22-year-old Malay girl who has been married for 1 1/2 years to a man six years her senior over the Internet (read: MySpace) after knowing him for six days and going through a 1 year engagement with him. Farah who looks alot like my DTM friend of the same name is a 23-year-old Indonesian-Malay who is an ex-SilkAir stewardess but already has given birth to three kids; her body doesn’t look one bit like that of a mummy with three kids in tow for sure. As for Amanda, she is the same age as me but she is in a long-term relationship since she was 16 and she is already cohabiting with him and his family and is not intending to marry but merely to move in to another flat with him.

Oh my Lord, I can’t believe Tasha & Farah married at such a young and tender age considering that it is a love-marriage and not the match-made kind.

I mean, whatever happened to the blossoming of a friendship, followed by the signs of a tender love occurring to the proposal and one-two year engagement and then the lovely marriage in the courtyard? Plus, have three kids at 23? Did you know that a woman’s hips are only suitable for child-bearing when she reaches 26 or 27 and an early pregnancy will result in her hips growing brittle before she turns 50?

And don’t get me started on Amanda. Whatever happened to the official moment of being legally married? What did she have to rule marriage an expensive affair when all you need is less than 150 bucks to register your marriage with ROM and have the marriage be legalised in the eyes of the law and also God? You know a wedding banquet isn’t important if you are a broke and are a reasonably young couple. Whatever happened to the sanctity of marriage? The blissfulness of cohabiting after marriage? The initial first six months of getting used to each other’s habits in the morning and the daily ritual of wearing that wedding band on each other’s ring fingers? Don’t weddings and the wedding vows to cherish and love each other till death do us part exist no more? Is everyone really going to be the Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie of the future generation?

Sometimes it’s these unique scenarios that sets you thinking about how fast the pace of the world is evolving. Yes, I made my way there vying for a place to be a SilkAir girl but these fringe activities as we waited for our group interviews left me clearly dumbfounded.

Sure, I made it to the next round but only to be eliminated at the third round. In my group of 10, only Tasha made it through to the next round despite being at least 10cm shorter than me, have a million and one pimples on her face and have cheeks that resembles a sunken cheeks of an anorexic. But that all doesn’t matter to me as I stood out from the rest and didn’t say the same line the other 9 girls in my group said,

“Being with SilkAir is a dream job..”

…’ Cos at the end of the day, these same people who said this lines retracted their statements and ended up like sore losers when they say,

“Thank God I didn’t get in, I heard their pay is smaller..”


“I’m sure SQ’s interview tomorrow will be better on me..”


“SilkAir is just a cousin to SQ, not that good after all…”

and so much more. It would be a big mistake to hire them. I admit I felt a wee bit sad I wasn’t moving on to the next round but at least I introduced myself the way that I am and never retracted any statements that I made to the panel of interviewers. At least I was honest and wasn’t a sore loser like the rest. I know I didn’t sound one bit like an imposter. Then again, when you harbor such sky-high hopes on your dream job, I suppose it is natural for you to be a sore loser when you aren’t picked yeah?

Nevertheless, to the girls who eventually made it through the final cut, congratulations! I suppose you have garnered enough faith of the SilkAir people to convince them that you have ultimately landed on your dream job. Just don’t go all sore loser-ish if you didn’t make it all the way. Somethings are just not meant to be and perhaps like what they say, the best is yet to come!




5 thoughts on “SilkAir Recruitment

  1. Hi there 🙂 I really enjoyed your post on the Silkair interview. I also secretly wish to be a cabin crew one day… whether it is with SQ or Silkair, I guess it doesn’t really matter. What matters most is the experience. However I’m currently tied down with my studies thus cannot commit to flying. I hope to be brave one day and to try out for the interviews. I wish you the best of luck in your dream of becoming a cabin crew! Happy New Year!

    • Hello Priscilla 🙂

      Thank you for the gracious comment! Here’s to a wonderful start to the year 2010 and I hope this new year will bring forth an extra ounce of bravery on your end to try out for the cabin crew recruitment someday! Trust me, it’s buckets of fun 😀

      Also, I was glancing through your website, pretty cool updates on beauty products, I LIKE!

      Happy New Year to you too!


    • Hello Tiara,

      I tried for that particular time as posted in the post and in a few days, I will try again 😀 there’s nothing to stop me from practising to calm those frayed nerves on an interview!

  2. It is a blog well written indeed. However, some parts of it are derived from bitterness. I am not sure also if the age of 26-27 as the right time for pregnancy got any scientific basis as I am a registered nurse and reproductive age is between 20-30.

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