Houston, We Have A Problem!

Today, a bloody (and I mean literally) accident happened during the last mission for my workslot at NTU with 36 NTU undergraduates from the CAC Club. One tall and very charming looking (a little bit metro-ish too) man – I can’t possibly call a 23, 24-year-old “boy” right? – had a very bad fall and went back to my base to seek medical treatment. Being the doctor that wasn’t meant to be, I ran after him to check on the injuries which I reckon wasn just like a grazed knee or something. When he laid down, waiting for the First Aid box to arrive, many people swarmed around him but almost immediately took a step back. I didn’t know why until I made my way through the crowd and what greeted me was definitely the worst injury I’ve ever seen throughout the 20 odd deals I have done with WOW.

He had injuries on five parts of his body; his right palm which has stones cleared embedding the skin, his finger which scrapped through a twig or broken branch on the field, his grazed right knee with a blue-black sign of a future bruise and the worst of all, he tore (yes, tore) the epidermis just below his left knee and it was a bloody, messy sight to behold.

It was so bad that the other men walked aside and had that “induced vomiting” effect when you see something extremely bloody & bad. No guess where the girls were; they were screaming in agony while the actual injured man just laid on the grass as I and another girl attended to him. But where were my three other staff? They stood far, far away despite being made up of two men who have gone through National Service and a woman. Good Lord, I was the youngest among all of them yet I was the one who readily approached the injured man, not knowing what to expect.

It was like a scene straight out of ER or Grey’s Anatomy, only that the injured man isn’t dying but more of turning pale for the extensive loss of blood to the grass that he laid on. The best part was he was superbly brave. He didn’t flinch in pain even though I know the pain must be unbearable since he had five injuries across his body and his skin on his shin / lower knee is dangling precariously in the sea of blood and membrane. I suspected that he has somewhat knocked out the second layer of dermis as the blood was flowing fast and furiously regardless of how all of us tried to stop the bleeding.

I removed any extra debris on his other injuries to prevent complications or the possibility of tetanus while the other girl pressed on the bloodied shin / knee. All this while, not one of my WOW staff came forth to help and neither did the other players from both teams; they gawked. The First Aid kit wasn’t adequately filled up with the all-important iodine solution or alcohol swabs hence we had to improvise by using layers and layers of gauze and sealed that with a thick layer of tissue and plasters to stop the bleeding and after like twenty eternity minutes of attending to him, he was able to stand and have a less gross shin / knee to show everyone. I insisted that one of the guys send him directly to a clinic or hospital to get his shin / knee stitched up and to get a round of tetanus jab before anything happens and I ensured he constantly keeps himself hydrated as he was getting paler by the minutes.

I was thankful that I was there as if I wasn’t, nobody who have been able to offer the proper medical attention to him and he would have possible gone into shock from the extensive loss of blood but at the same time, I wish I was granted the opportunity to be a medical doctor as per what my childhood dream was. I mean, I faced such a brutally gross injury ever witnessed and I had blood all over my hands etc but not once did I freaked out from the blood or the gross-ness of it. Also, I wish I had learnt Biology back in secondary school and also continue to hone my skills in First Aid. I want to be a certified First-Aider and hopefully then, I will be better equipped with even more medical knowledge than the average Joe. But for now, I think I will continue to be the unofficial doctor on call at work.



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