WOW in TNP (Sunday Edition)

For those of you who want to know even more about Combat Skirmish (A subsidary of The WOW Experience), here’s today’s The New Paper (Sunday Edition) which features one of the activities available in our company. Also, it is one of the two most popular activities in WOW apart from Water ZOVB!


Here are the players from the Dating Challenge (they were playing last week but the feature was slated for today only!) feature in The New Paper with a fraction of our guns and harnesses:

Here’s the two-page feature on the centre-page of The New Paper on Sunday, dated December 13th 2009:

I’ve conveniently zoomed in to the write-up and it will be in the next three pictures!

I am proud to say that I was one of the three WOW staff who was involved in coordinating the actual day of the event although the photographers did not add any pictures with us in it.


I guess the three of us are too cute for the cameras and may inadvertently steal the limelight from the Dating Challenge people?

But anyway, if you guys are interested on conducting anything outdoors, you know who to call yeah? The numbers are all there but if you want an even faster response, leave a comment in my WP here. After all, I am working with WOW and would gladly help to create the ideal outdoor party for you, your brothers, your  your uncles, your cousins and so forth; you get the drift!



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