Officially, today is my Off Day (R2) after slogging it out at a workplace that I barely know. It has gone on well except for some minor hiccups with the higher authorities at work. I guess I should expect to see a few green-eyed people in the outlet when I am a fresh non-McDonald’s crew that has conveniently sat my pretty ass on the managerial post without any earlier experience in the quick-service industry or McDonald’s even. Unless of course, you consider my three-year study at SHATEC Institutes as a form of experience.

Looking back, indeed I come with practically zero knowledge of this specific niche industry. I don’t deny it, I won’t boast being full of those service-providing qualities since I have been grinded into providing a tip-top and exceptional fine-dining experience. So in other words, this experience in the quick-service industry is like throwing me into a pond full of crocodiles when I am used to battling alligators. They both come from the same family but they are different in many ways than one. I’m sure you get my gist. I have acquired skills for one form of service that I do feel a little bit like a fish out of water.

Then again, it didn’t occur to me that I will end up in the quick-service industry. No one expected it, what more me? I was eyeing the events / exhibitions industry and had no prior intention of going back into the F&B line. However, I guess God has set the path for me hence when the offer came about, I didn’t even think for a split second before I signed on the dotted line of the contract. I just signed it and for a good long time, everything seemed to fall into place and everything is right in its place. Have you ever had that kind of feeling before? I know I did throughout my entire mini-journey to McDonald’s-hood.

So far, my working hours revolve around half a day learning a station at work and the other half mugging about McDonald’s. Not an easy feat considering that I am all new and a practical outsider to McDonald’s. However, I pray that things will get better and I hope God will lead me all along the way, like always. I know the last few days is too early to say how I am coping with the job but I think, give me a few weeks more and I’ll hope to say that this is indeed the 1st best decision I’ve made for myself for 2010.


Good day to you, my fellow readers out there!


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