Breakfast Station

Today marks my second day working M Shift. M Shift is largely a day shift whereby working hours are between 0800 – 1700 hours but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I punch out on the dot. Being a manager, you have to bear in mind that you are highly paid to do things out of your stated jobscope and sure, I have no qualms about that.

However, I honestly prefer working the M3 Shift at 1400 – 2300 hours as the crew that are working those timings are a fairly young crew and time at work is always the best-est. I’m not condemning my morning crew but the group of “Power Aunties” – Lord, my boss even coined a nickname for them – are a bunch of idiotic crew who do not do things out of their supposed XX years’ worth of experience in the line. Sure, you do the counters for the past 19 years of your life but does that mean that you can boss around me; a person who is barely into her 1st month in the company? Look woman, I am the one wearing the Red shirt, at least grant me a certain level of respect. I respect your seniority but you ought to respect my authority as a manager as without that two-way respect, we have nothing in common except that we work under the same company, stuck in the same store till Lord-knows-when. Would you rather have a pleasant working experience or would you like to be stuck to the job as it pays for your retirement? It is your call. Yes, I may be meek and timid and quiet (for now) and not know much Hokkien words to speak in but trust me, the day will come when I will turn your world upside down with my Hokkien / Teochew / Hakka vocabulary. If you do choose to make my life a pain then heed my word of advice; karma’s a bitch. It will come running back to you in the days / months / years to come. You just wait and see; I suggest that you don’t rest on your laurels my dear aunties…




4 thoughts on “Breakfast Station

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