Hair Mechanics

Some folks believe that our hair holds our burden hence they believe it is good if we snip off the hair when things get hard on us.

I just had mine today; it looks exactly like this:

Totally short at the back as I    showing off my chunky earrings and I know my single most erogenous area is at the back of my neck and also, I love highlighting my teenie-weenie ears that people always talk about! The side-swept fringe is an absolute must so as to give away the come-hither look but then again, I doubt my face is in any bit blessed with the seductiveness. I veer more towards the cutie-pie / girl-next-door face, heh! Okaye, here’s some self-absorption from my humble self; ignore me.

Marvellous, wonderful and euphoric feeling. It’s orgasmicly addictive and much loved.

I love going for haircuts, it’s one of my guilty pleasures aside from my pedicures and honestly, I feel the weight off my shoulders now and I feel that I can think more clearly now.



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