Today was my virgin participation in my patch’s quaterly meeting with the other managers under SK’s watch-eye. Sure, I was one of the five new faces in the company but considering that I was already acquainted with the CA2 people during my OJE days in December 2009, I sort of feel very much at home. Sure, I will definitely need time to warm up to the 30 odd managers but at the same time, I like the vibe I get from the patch group. However, I have to say that a large portion of the managers are made up of Filipinos as compared to locals and I can’t fathom why.

Is it really such a bad deal to be a manager at McDonald’s?

I mean, most of my friends reacted with such mockery when they found out that I am working with McDonald’s but the job isn’t just about sending out orders to the crew only, you know? On the contrary, being a manager at McDonald’s is not all that easy and neither do they pay peanuts. I’m thankful for being bestowed this opportunity to be a growing part of the company that is always growing.


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