Multiple Notes !

  1. This month, my period is right on time and on par with my scheduled date of period. Cheers to perfect timings!
  2. I am approximately 5 / 6 days away from my first job’s first pay of my entire life! Lord, I am so looking forward to four-digit numbers in my bank accounts ūüôā
  3. Joby Tiger is still sick but he seemed to be in better health these days, I look forward to feeding him his favorite salmon and mutton steak when he is given the all-clear from the doctors!
  4. I have been questioned by numerous aunties at why am I still single at 21. Lord Almighty, I feel so much like a spinster already. Imagine the horror when I have to deal with that “Why-no-boyfriend” talk for at least another good five years down the road. Somebody save me !
  5. Resort World Sentosa is bringing in Victoria Secrets as one of their premium retailers! ‘Enuff said.
  6. I dreamt that I fought with my second brother so badly that I evicted him from the house. I think the argument was that his junk was proving too bad for my hamster’s respiratory health¬†that Joby¬†is coughing alot in the dream due to lack of air and excess of junk – what a weird dream, I woke up with so much anger that I was sweating buckets.
  7. I want to buy a pot of flowers to grow in my garden; I am kind of sick of the greenery and¬†totally zilch of ¬†flowers in my balcony. Somehow all the flowers I plant at home will evolve into non-flowering plants. It’s boring, green is so¬†pass√© can.
  8. I miss hanging out with Hobibelanja and eating out at our choice restaurants, bitching about our life, window-shopping at Pedro and Charles & Keith and going for movie dates after that.
  9. I am considering giving up on splurging my savings on a car. Instead, I am considering saving up my moolahs for my own apartment. Considering the fact that I am not intending to commit to anyone for the short-term, wouldn’t my own apartment be the ideal investment for the future¬†instead of a car which is a major global warming factor? That’s unless I buy hybrids but Prius looked so ewww (!) .
  10. I want to fly to Haiti to help the people and donate my efforts to the relief team. Sometimes you need these kind of disasters to keep you grounded and make you count your lucky stars for being so darn lucky as compared to the less fortunate people.

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