My 1st Pay

 I bet you’ve heard of people breaking into the “first million” category but have you heard of someone who has just made her first thousand?

Yes, it isn’t quite as sought-after or celebrated as the first million but for me, it is a good reason to celebrate nonetheless! Why do I say that? That’s ‘cos in a few hours’ time, I will be able to proudly exclaim to the world that I have successfully made my first thousand.


Sure, it isn’t a big deal to anyone who earns like $2.5k but for me, I am incredibly thankful for whatever that I am getting and also, feel extremely fortunate to be blessed by The Almighty with an adequate body, soul and mind to fulfill my dream of independence. I am secretly feeling the same way as the guy pictured above but at the back of my head, I am thinking that this is one huge step away from dependance and a step closer to being a mature adult.

I have been financially independent for a large portion of my teenage life, to be precise, since I was 15 but sometimes I do wish that I have the luxury to fall back on my parents for pocket-money. When I hear my friends or peers still seeking allowances from their parents, I kind of feel out-of-place as I’ve never asked my parents for any allowance since I enrolled into secondary school. Okaye, never would be an exaggeration when I was 13 & 14 but I remember clearly the day I turned 15 when I told my parents I want them to stop giving me pocket-money as I wanted to purchase my own mobile phone and mobile phone line using my Hari Raya ang paos.

Back then, it was like a case of “tao”-ness whereby I am so-called “adult” enough to fend for myself. But shortly after that, my money in my piggy bank dried up and I had to resort to rationing my coins so that I can have a proper meal for that particular week in school. Being an egoistical person (even back then), I refused any help from the parents and not long later, they trusted me well enough to take care of my financial health.

Fast forward to now, I find it really honorable that I am employed enough to keep money for my short-term, long-term and dreams. On top of that, I relish at the thought of being able to “give back” to my parents who have been the one who gives the money then. I have many dreams and that includes stretching my dollars and cents to maximise the profits but at the same time, this step that I am taking towards independence is like a dream come true for me.

Baby steps, is all it takes. I will always remember the tortoise versus hare story back during my childhood days. Slowly but surely.



2 thoughts on “My 1st Pay

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