OMG News

I was reading some articles off the internet and I read this extremely, extremely alarming news:

“Males at age 36 are considered ‘bachelors’ whereas females at age 33 are considered “spinsters”.”

Holy God, I eff-ing better find a man fast or be forever burned with the “spinster” status! That is so not cool at all. No, not when The ãdventurist is involved in it. And they dare say the world is moving towards a greater tomorrow with lesser and lesser conservative people left in the world. From the looks of it, I think the “spinster” label is actually heredity and it is very obvious that the world is still largely conservative. Tell me seriously, what is so wrong with being a 25, 26, 27 year old woman and you don’t have the ring in your wedding finger? Sad to say but it’s true! Hopefully, the “spinster” label won’t affect too much of my mindset since I am very sure I will be a swinging single at least till I am 27! I am very sure my aunts & grand-aunts will be smacking their foreheads in shock at my previous sentence.

Heh, sorry aunties! I know my maternal instincts are kicking far and wide ever since I hit puberty but that doesn’t mean that I want to settle down and make babies right away. I am 21 yes, eligible to get married yes, eligible to buy my own house (if I am married now) yes but if you could do me a kind favour first before condemning me to Spinsterhood;

Find me the Perfect Man first!

Would you rather I rush into a commitment, and then to the altar and thereafter get a divorce and have a custody battle over the kids and properties and bank accounts? If yes, then by all means, feel free to marry me off to the first guy then and watch me crumble beneath that deck of marriage cards.




CURRENT STATUS: Single & lovin’ it!
Okaye, that is so McDonald’s. Forgive me but I have been McDonald-ed and I am not complaining.



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