34 Birthdays & Counting

Today is the Big Daddy in the house’s 34th birthday and his son has conveniently tell his Father what lies beneath the wrapping paper of the 3 presents.


Thank goodness the presents are not from me or else I would slaughter my nephew if he spills the beans. Well, that is my irresistably adorable Nephew for you! By the way, your present from me will have to wait till end of the month okaye, your lovely sister hasn’t received her February 2010 pay yet!

To my dearest Brother #1, have a blessed birthday ahead! I know your greying hair are coming out faster than you can make time to head to Glower Hair Trichologists and you have resorted to going bald instead but regardless, stay swingingly happy and lovely as always! Hair or no hair, you are still hot like a stud!




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