I don’t know if it is a late 1970s babies curse or what but why are all the 30-somethings that I have met recently are either divorced, going through a bitter divorce or have sworn off a commitment to the opposite sex and resorted to being single all their lives? It’s not one or two, it’s all those that I have met recently. Plus, I hear some rumors swirling about my boss having marital trouble and is (rumored) to be going through a divorce as well.

Coming from a shift-work background, I feel that it is scary when you look at the prospects of married life if your spouse is going to be doing irregular shift hours and who will not be able to wake up with you late into the Sunday afternoon just because they have work in the morning, afternoon or are doing closing shift and need the rest for the night shift. Will my husband be able to understand that? I’m going to spend more than 9 hours of my everyday life at work, how’s he going to handle that? I’m just lucky that my work allows me to take 2 days off every week but even that isn’t fixed. I may be working morning today, off tomorrow and working afternoon for the next three days before my next off. Can he cope with all that?

Comparing to my previous work background in the events line, I feel that shift work is more or less a better option should I want to settle down with someone but even those who are clocking 5-day-work-week from 8am to 5pm shifts aren’t having happy marriages so what does that leave me with?

For sure, it’s not a good impression of work-life balance at all. Also, will I be able to find someone who will be understanding enough to understand my working shifts nature? Even my boss married someone from the same industry and his marriage is (rumored) to be in shambles. What if I choose someone who is not from the same industry as I am, will that prove to be a more difficult option? Although I may have already found the Mr Right-Now, will he come out to be the Mr Right-Forever in the future considering how my work is going to be like?

Only time will tell, or so they say.




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