We Are The World 25 For Haiti

Sometimes, you need moments of distress and turmoil to make those fortunate people come out of their sheltered homes to lend a hand to those who are caught in the headlights of Mother Nature’s fury.

Sometimes, you also get largely inspirational songs that will inspire everyone in the world to unite and help those countries which were destroyed by Mother Nature.

Today happens to be the day when both humanity and goodwill overpowered the evils of war and terrorism. Although it is a good thing that everyone comes together to help Haiti, I wish at the same time the war on terrorism ends so that there will be lesser people dying and more people helping each other to build better futures for our future generations.

Here’s one of the most inspirational songs I have heard to date. Listen and please, do your part to donate to Haiti. This is the time that they need you the most. Approach your country’s Red Cross Society or Red Crescent Society or Mercy Relief to help. Or log on to www.world25.org to help.


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