February’s El Nino

This month is the one month that I don’t really prefer. Reason being, this is the month whereby EL Nino will come by sweeping away all the rainfall that Singapore is used to during the monsoon period and replace that with a month-long worth of hot, hot, hot weather.

So when you think of Summer + Singapore, you will prolly envision this:

But trust me when I say the land will look close to this every time it is February:

Seriously! Even my balcony full of plants are turning into arid land if I don’t water them for a day. Don’t get me started on the influx of green land outside my house. Every patch of grass is turning a hedious hue of yellow-brown and it won’t take long before fires start igniting during the sweltering afternoons!

Temperatures rising to 35°C is not a fun thing to live by. I can even sweat profusely while typing away on Toby, imagine the sweaty, sticky situations I will live by when I step out of the house everyday for work! Stupid humans who destroy the Ozone layer, curse you ungrateful nincompoops.



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