My Dream

She sat on the bench, feeding the birds,
Just throwing crumbs, mumbling no words,
I sat down thinking about my grades,
Proclaiming what a mess my generation has made.

All my life, I work for a change,
But today I give you my dream,
By making a difference with the small things you do,
As by all means, the future relies entirely on you.

If things go wrong and you feel down,
Open your eyes and look around,
Don’t look for someone to blame,
Search for an inspiration to rise again.

The changes you make may not be seen,
But perhaps you can give me the chance to dream,
Get down to work and maybe you’ll find,
A small inspiration to help your kind.

I hope you make our world a better place,
By working diligently, keeping the pace,
I would love to see you sided by success,
And not be ruined by plain ‘ol mess.

I want to help you to see yourself through,
And never be like now; sad, lonely & blue,
I hope you can change and mend your ways,
As years are fast turning into normal days.


I wrote this poem shortly after I received my horrible GCE “O” Level results. Some of my old friends may recall me being the poetry kind back then during my secondary school days and after re-reading the poems I’ve drafted out, I’d say I have a very matured mindset for a 16-year-old. Shame on me as I feel that I feel much less matured now from my random I-stomp-my-feet-when-I-want-something-badly tendencies.



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