The Black Hole

Yesterday was the day my colorful McDonald’s world vanished into thin air and I crawled everywhere with nothing but a sub-zero level of self-esteem. I’ve been subjected to the greatest form of humiliation that have struck me beyond my wildest nightmares and her voice still ringing incoherently in my head.

It is one thing to correct my mistakes but do you actually have to scream your top off when my ears are barely 12 inches away from you? Do I look that daft to you? If I had the energy to even fight back, it would be to plunge a thousand plastic knifes straight into your mouth for using such utterly disgusting words just to voice your displeasure at my level of standards as a Trainee Manager. Even my parents never provoked me in such terrible manner and if there’s one thing you lack, it is respect. Respect for a fellow human and fellow McDonald’s colleague. Ironically, you are a veteran in this industry yet your standard of service to your own internal customers is basically zilch. Should I be surprised if your external customers dislike you?

‘Cos honestly I dislike you. No, more like I hate you and every little thing about you. You shouldn’t even be in this industry, you don’t have basic courtesy and you aren’t even doing McDonald’s proud with the level of training you give us newbies. You are the one person I don’t want to emulate should I reach your level some day. Also, I feel that I can make a better trainer than you. Hell yes, I am damn right about that.

Nobody disrespect me, whoever who does will definitely rot in hell. Trust me. You may have brought me to tears today but for every tear that I shed in humiliation from your stinging words, you will pay back in a million more.

Mark my word, bitch.


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