A Stork’s Calling

Most of the times when I hear of the impending arrival of a bundle of joy, I always feel exceptionally happy for the mother and father-to-be as I know it will be one of the most fulfilling journeys a couple can go through together to strengthen their love for each other. At the same time, I can feel a teenie-weenie tug in my heartstrings and tummy; a tug towards the motherhood journey which I am absolutely excited about when my time comes.

But what if the news of the impending arrival of a baby is from a single mother albeit, a single mother  / a child born out-of-wedlock? Do you still feel happy for the mother-to-be when you know the prospective father-to-be absconded to some God-forsaken country and washes his hands off the situation all together?  As much as you feel very sorry for the mother-to-be, you tend to have that feeling that the mother-to-be should have exercised a greater sense of self-control over at her end so that she wouldn’t cast such a negative impact on herself or the people around her, wouldn’t you? Plus, considering the fact that the news came out from someone whom you expect to be the angel among the rest of us, you will be left dumbfounded when you hear the news.

Also, I have an auto-pilot mindset that when a child is born out-of-wedlock, the man and the woman involved is not doing enough to protect their interests and their family name which obviously will be thrown along into the whole ruckus. Sure, I understand that couples these days cohabit without marrying and engage in sexual activity without the prior need for a marriage certificate but why do you subject yourselves to future problems when you can opt the harder (but definitely more fulfilling) road of saving yourself until your wedding night?

I can’t fathom why the generation these days don’t see the lucrative deal behind being a virgin woman who is only bedded on her wedding night. Isn’t that the best gift you can give to your husband? The gift of being a fully matured woman and with the confidence that prior to your marriage, you have taken good care of yourself? Wouldn’t that make your husband proud and extremely lucky to have a wife who doesn’t toy around with pregnancy and syphilis and is matured enough to not fall for the societal norms?

Sure, we won’t be able to tell if our husbands are virgins themselves but in my point of view, I’d still save myself for the right man and ensure that he is my husband in the eyes of God before I engage in such remotely risky activities. At least then I know that I am being true to myself and my family name will always be kept clean for generations to come. Yes I admit I have had my moments of weakness but ultimately, it’s me who practices the saying “No!” part if I know I am going to destroy my family name for 5 minutes of passion. Twenty-one, going onto twenty-two and I am still damn proud to know that I am not one of those woman who gives up her pride and dignity so easily to any man.

I’ve got only one of it, I’ll protect it with all my life until marriage.


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