The Better Man

All that she yearns for is a man who will always be there when she falls. Not to pick her up when she is all covered in dirt and grime; instead a man who will ensure and does his level best to keep her up on her two feet.

Also, a man who will cradle her in his mighty arms when she sleeps at night as he listens to her whine about that super terrible day at work in between sobs and a near-empty tub of Ben & Jerry’s. It’s just the basic TLC that is necessary to keep her happy, yet the influx of men out there can’t even provide her with even a teenie-weenie glimmer of hope of being the Mr Right Now or even Mr Right One for her. If it has always been her who is constantly there for everyone else, what happens if the tables are turned and it’s time that she needs someone there for her. Will she go through the motions of a bad day at work / home / personal disaster alone in the company of the ever-present teddy bears, hamsters and favorite cat only?

She yearns for someone who can be the better version of herself. But then again with her own sky-high expectations of her own mighty self, it may proof to be a futile attempt in finding the man of her dreams in this exceptionally detrimental and morally-damaged society. She has considered lowering her expectations of a man but she knows that to be true to herself, she can’t afford to pay the hefty price of her own expectations of a man.


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