Tiffany & Co

You know most of the girls that we know dream of a diamond engagement ring which comes in a little blue / green box with the Tiffany & Co words bolded in glossy black.

I don’t deny it, some of them which go up to 1 carat odd are indeed very lovely to be worn on the ring finger to show off to the bitchy, materialistic girlfriends but somehow or rather, if there is any Tiffany & Co ring that I’d like to own, it has to be this ring:

1837 Collection Cushion Ring

I think it is a very understated design yet it oozes a certain degree of uniqueness with the square-shaped form. It is made of genuine silver and from the American market rates, the ring is going for USD$175; that’s a pretty hefty price tag for a silver jewellery but I reckon we are paying for the brand name as well. Although I don’t see my fingers being adorned by rings in my lifetime, I think it will be one of those things I’d like to purchase when I do get my 13th Month bonus as a form of reward for all my hardwork. Insha-Allah.


PS: For those who wonder what are the kind of diamond rings that I do fancy, here’s one example:

Okaye before the 1, 294, 075 men out there who are interested in me dwindle to a near zero, allow me to clarify first. I love the rectangular cut but it doesn’t have to be 23 carats nor does it have to fetch a six-figure sum. So long as it is of a similar design in a smaller scale, I’ll be more than happy to say yes to the proposal!





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