I feel that the influx of girls engaging in girl-on-girl relationships these days is a worrying trend. Although I have virtually nothing against these niche of human preference, I continue to feel that I am like a lesbian magnet. I would sincerely apologise to anyone who don’t share the same page as me and / or are closet lesbians but seriously, does my short haircut automatically define me as a lesbian? As in seriously, I am tired of girls flirting with me when all that I want is a true-blue man with a real manhood. Nothing detachable or plastic, I honestly prefer the real deal.

Sure, I have short hair but tell me again, does short hair equate to a girl being a lesbian? I’ve seen a fair bit of girls with short crops so does that make them as much of a “chick” magnet as much as I am? I have my reasons why I opt for short hair and they are listed below:

  • Singapore is a very humid place to live in, even sitting down in front of the laptop can make your ass perspire.
  • I am a low-maintenance kind of girl; I like to take the shortest time to dress up as lip gloss and eyeliner are the only staple in my make-up pouch (unless I am going out for a date of course!)
  • I enjoy being different; when other girls are going crazy over those ceramic perm, I was trying out chopping my locks and only leaving my fringe long – you know, semi-GI Jane kind of look.
  • I can easily pull together the out of bed look without the need to blow-dry my hair – it is air-dried naturally and is infinitely more healthy.
  • I always find my exposed neck to be one of my sexiest part of my body, especially if you view me from the back.
  • I love to wear chunky earrings and that wouldn’t be possible if I am having long hair.
  • I spend lesser each year on shampoo, conditioner etc as I can use lesser amounts of hair products over a longer period of time…

… and the list goes on!


 So frankly, being different from the 96.9% of the female population does not equate to me being a lesbian. It’s just that I enjoy practicality and my idea of being different from the rest does not sit well with the majority!

I honestly think the guys out there are blind. Why do you boys keep going after those girls with long hair? Isn’t it obvious that some of them really aren’t interested in your kind but her own kind?

World, Please Stop Judging Me as a Queer Just Because I Have Short Hair.

It’s my choice, please respect it and not judge or label me even without hearing my voice.


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