The Nocturnal Reverie

 I have days I wish I can shoot up into the clouds and steal those beautiful clouds in a glass jar and bring them back to Earth to remind me that the world remains to be a beautiful place if you choose to see it that way.

I have days I hope I can have enough money in the world to be able to travel first class on a whim and afford the luxurious commodities a rich man gets when he travels. Can you imagine being able to seal off the entire LV boutique just for your own personal shopping space ? That’ll be awesome. I’d gladly get the people at the top-level of Ion to close the entire upper-level shopping mall for me.

I have days I wish I can snuggle up to someone as I wake up dead into the night after a nightmare. Sometimes I get so desperate that I end up snuggling to my teddy bears. Maybe I should consider getting a pet dog in the nearest future, perhaps ideally, a golden retriever named Jacob or Belle depending on its gender. Come to think of it, the name bears an uncanny resemblance to the Twilight movie but no, I don’t like those names because I am a fan of Twilight. The names just popped up in my head.

I have days where I sit down in the middle of the night after a hard day at work and wishing Grams was still around to pat my head and tell me that everything is going to be okaye. Lord knows how much I miss her although it has been like nearly 10 months that she has been gone.

I have days wishing I have my own pimped up Mini Cooper or BMW 3 Series that I can show off to the average Singaporean. Seeing those show-off people revving up the engines of their Ferrari / Bugatti / Lamborghini in Singapore brings about the inner practical side of me. What were they thinking buying such an expensive car and using it on such an expensive road like Singapore ? I mean, parking rates in town averages $5 per hour and don’t get me started on COE or ERP. Then again, maybe I am just jealous they can afford it.


Today is my “dots” moment; only those who know me understand what I mean by the word “dot”. Oh well. Or maybe I am actually PMS-ing to be thinking so in-depth into life…



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