I always believe that I am very blessed to have ears that instantaneously pick up the lyrics of a song upon hearing the song for the first time and only thereafter, would I listen to the tuning of the musical instruments behind the song. To me a good song is one with the perfect start and a slow but, melodious ending. One good example is the original song by One Republic (the one which wasn’t remixed by Timbaland) – I thought that slow, progressive start was awesome shit. However the Timbaland remix version gained more mainstream popularity, much to my disappointment as people these days tend to take hip-hop beats as a cement for #1 Billboard success. I think sometimes a song is best left unremixed as to me, each song has a story to tell and if the singer sings the tunes right, the music video is related to the song and the instruments fill up the airtime gap in-between; to me, that would be the perfect song. No need for any mash-ups or remixes with the hip-hop moguls.

That is the case for this next song by Australian Idol 2009, Stan Walker. I bet many of you out there don’t know a clue about him and I admit I didn’t know he was an Oz Idol either! But what caught my attention was the voice and how the song just relates to you the story about how the love of a woman is capable to make a man, unbroken.

Listen to it and watch the video, it is good stuff.

Stan Walker


PS: Did I forget to mention that he is cute ? Sadly he looks to be married with a ring in his finger. Darn.



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