To Write Love on His Arms

He’s got the most gentlest hazel brown eyes that speaks of humility more than words.

He enriches the world with his selfless sense of caring and sharing.

He dazzles the world with his megawatt yet not totally perfect smile.

He lets loose a cherubic grin when he is in the mischievous mode.

He doesn’t give a hoot about kissing my cheeks in public.

He holds my hand wherever we go and ensures I am always protected by his presence.

He’s tall enough to be a star player in NBA but not too tall; I want to be able to tiptoe when I kiss him.

He’s always there when I need him the most; just the thought of my safety  is enough to make him come running the ends of the earth for me.

He’d give up the comfy-est couch in the living room for me to pick on my toes while watching adverts on the telly.

He lets me sit in the study room and let me keep my leg on top of my table.

He is a fantastic cook who specializes in breakfast in bed.

He helps to do the houeshold chores for me, with me, just for the two of us.

He cuddles me to sleep every night and we fall asleep in each other’s embrace till we breath our last.

He makes love to me in a way that’s indescribable, it’s obscene.

He remembers the special dates and showers me with the random love notes.

He sends me a birthday card when he is stationed at a faraway land so that I won’t be too lonely on my special day.

He wears his wedding band like a part of his bone structure; he can’t live without wearing it.

He lets me wake up to the smell of freshly cut grass on the lawn and the familiar body scent every morning.

He has a lingering scent that sends me heart to do somersaults at ground-breaking speeds.


Now the statements listed above are not exhaustive but at least I have a rough idea of how I visualise The One.




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