Till Death Do Them Part

Today is one of my senior manager’s wedding day and although I am excited for her, I can’t make it to her wedding as I am busy fighting the war at work. However, I feel the urge to want to see what it feels like to be someone’s wife. As in, is it really such a real big ass deal to be married ? Is it a status thing to have a ring adorning your ring finger and thereafter, be committed to just one and only man for the rest of your life ?

Yes, I am sentimental by nature and always have that picture-perfect dream of being happily married to the man of my life but sometimes I feel that the world makes me feel apprehensive about settling down with just one man for the rest of my life. On the other hand, my roving eye nature makes me feels as though one man to settle down with for the rest of my life may end up not being enough to fulfill my needs. Heh !

So here’s a question that I’d like to pose to you. What is it like being married to the man of your dreams and how do you concur that he is the man who you’ve been searching and waiting for your whole life through ? How sure are you that he is The One and what is the feeling like when you met him for the first time ? I’ve asked this question many times to newly married couple but none of them have come across as the “I-married-The-One-and-the-magic-marriage-moment-has-been-found” kind of people. In my point of view, that is sad as you are marrying someone you aren’t entirely love with / not sure you are in love with / maybe also, out of convenience too.

Maybe it’s just my nature to be a skeptic when it comes to love but honestly, I do it only to protect my fragile heart which have seen too much sadness in her life. Some people assume that I am not moving on but really, people need to assume innocence instead of pointing the blame on a specific reason why I react this way or that way when it comes to love. What I do know for sure is, I haven’t met The One and when I do meet him someday, I know everything will fall into place and then the super-strong titanium wall that I built around my heart will come crumbling down with just a reassuring smile from him.

To the newly wedded couple from my store,



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