Today will be remembered as one of those days that I attempted to do something out of my comfort zone. Sometimes I feel that as time progresses by, I seem to be more of a chicken shit as compared to my old self when I was 17, 18 and was willing to try anything and everything impulsive without worrying about consequences or the day after. Sometimes I feel that growing old makes one too cautious that when you throw them into the spotlight to do something daring, these old birds tend to end up shirking the responsibility to even let loose and have fun and at the end of the day, end up being labelled “uncool”. I have to say that statement of being labelled uncool is actually one of my biggest fear in life. I don’t want to be sitting down at home with my grandkids and have my grandkids telling me that I had a boring teenage / young adult life just ‘cos I was the “timid one”.

I always strive to do things out of my comfort zone as it is a self-belief that you only live once and life shouldn’t be spent callously. That is not to say that you live life recklessly and end up a roadkill, no. More like, exercise flexibility when it comes to life and trying out new things.

When I recall my 21st birthday, the only daring thing I did thus far was hmmm… diving with the sharks ? I wouldn’t actually call it daring enough for my big-bang 21st birthday. If I could turn back time, I would do even crazier things for my 21st but since we are the resultant forces of our choices, I choose to make sure my 22nd and the birthdays beyond will be far more daring than my 21st. Maybe it’s just in-built in me that I want to have a wicked life before I kick the bucket but seriously, I can’t imagine a boring life. I’d prolly go insane if my life revolves around a monotonous and cautious lifestyle.

Today, I went clubbing with a whole group of people I barely knew. I was nervous much. Too much for my own good but at the end of the night, I’m glad I let loose a little even though I didn’t drink. I still hold on to that belief that you still can have fun without a sip of alcohol in the system. True enough, I still had fun and the best part is, I still am able to remember the whole episode of what happened the night before.

That’s just so cool.

Maybe, clubbing will be my next go-to activity.



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