Anjing means a dog in Malay.

For some people, it comes across as a silly nickname which doesn’t need to be taken out of context with.

For others, it is an insult.

Good Lord, it has been so long since I had clashes with men who have large egos and although I forgot how it felt like dealing with them, I can safely say that I don’t enjoy the feeling that much.

I’d gladly fly a kite rather than to meet another egotistical man in this lifetime.

Once is enough to kill me, twice is just plain blasphemy.

If there’s one thing that I sought out in a man, it is a man who is not shy to be humble and learn to take life easily. I’m not saying the typical man who sits at home while the wife brings home the bacon. More like, I look for a man who can be serious and also fun with me; synchronise with me. Kanasai, even the word anjing pisses you off. Imagine if I call you bitch. What happens then ? Another cold war ? Take a hike man, life sometimes shouldn’t be taken seriously sometimes. Especially not a life with me. Like DUH.


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