The World Is An Unfair Place, Really

Why does it seem as though everyone that I know owns a DSLR ?

The bummer lies in the fact that the ones who own these precious beauties have no prior experience even when it comes to using the normal Point-&-Shoot types !

Cameras like the Canon 450D with all its glory are reserved for at least, a novice camera user who knows what is the difference between an aperture and an angle.

But it seems to me these sort of people who don’t know how to use the cameras are the ones who are making the cameras an exaggeration of status.

Can’t they be happy just buying their Pradas and Guccis and leave the Nikons & Canons alone ?

No, I am not speaking from a sour loser’s point of view.

I’d readily admit that I don’t intend to purchase any DSLR anytime soon as I am very contented with my IXUS 100 IS and I still see much room for improvement in terms of my knowledge of lenses.

But seriously, I’m deeply saddened that people actually use their buying powers to purchase DSLR cameras.

Let’s teach them to exercise some caution and brains when it comes to buying DSLRs.

These mean machines are not accessories meant to be adorning your Tiffany & Co wrists.

Neither are they meant to be used to take self-timer cam-whoring shots.

They are accessories with a real purpose to photograph.



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