What’s My Best Memory…

of my childhood:

Playing with my Barbie dolls and doing the whole “masak-masak” tea-time with my teddies. Oh yes, I was a typical girly-girl. Also, taking long naps in the afternoon in the living room was a good memory, heh. I am a self-certified pig till date.

of my nursery days:

Sucking on Ixora flowers (there was like a whole load of Ixora bush right outside my kindergarten then, and even now) as rumor has it from one of my then-bestie mentioned that if you are lucky enough, you get to taste the honey. I sucked on the flowers each time it was break-time and I never stopped sucking until I hit my pot of “gold” for the day.

Tell me, we kids were so much more innocent then right ?

of my kindergarten 1 days:

Dancing with my partner for the whole semester in grade-school. His name was Clement, he was a lovely Chinese boy with a suitable height for my tall frame. He was in other words, the first boy who shared a cheek-to-cheek kiss with me for a school performance. Ever since that day, we were like “couple of the year” as my mum adored him while his grandma liked to pat my head every time she sees me in school. Oh c’mon everybody, please go awww…


of my kindergarten 2 days:

Clement and I made a pact to dance with each other for K2 but I ended up dancing with another dude whom I can’t even recall who (!) and there went my childhood romance with Clement. The boy pictured above is another childhood friend, Aliff; he’s now a serial playboy biker guy and I used to think that he was cute. As for Clement, we still say our hellos when we bump into each other on the streets in the neighborhood but I think he looks more gayish than masculine now. Bummer oh bummer.

I’ll try to find the dance picture and post it here someday.

... of my primary school days:

Playing Zero-point and be a champion at it! Can’t exactly remember how the game is played no more but for sure you need at least 3 people to play it (it’s a girl’s game) and you need like a whole junkload of rubber bands. My late grandma used to make them for me and fix them when my zero-point snaps off. God, those were the days I swore I could have been a world-class gymnast of sorts.

of my secondary school:

Sitting through Chemistry lessons with my then-crush Johnny Zhang Zhong Kun, haha !

We’d sit right at the back and he’ll be sleeping in class while I will be his sort of wake-up caller, waking him up with sweet-nothings when I see Mrs Tan approaching our table to zap him off his slumber.

We were such a couple, sigh.

of my SHATEC days:

Going on my first ever date in my entire life with Benny Boo just barely after enrolling into my first year in SHATEC, approximately after 5 weeks of knowing him and a few days after he broke-up with his ex-girlfriend (who happens to be in the same class as us).

Ah, he was such a lovely boy. An alumnus of SJI (my dream school for my boys someday!), he is the kind of smart, intellectual kind of boy I’d gladly bring home to Mum. Matter-of-fact he did send me home after the Sentosa date and my Mum did get a glimpse of him and I still remember what she said, “He looks like a good boy.”

I was over-the-moon.

But sadly, the romance fizzled out but till date, we still keep in touch. The only bummer, he is happily attached. Lord I wasted my chance there.


I must thank Moju for inspiring me with the post night, thanks alot Moju. And oh, happy reading!



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