Some & Other Times

Sometimes in life, you will meet people who can talk to you 24/7 and not run out of topics to talk to.

Other times, you meet someone who will never treat you any differently regardless of your imperfections from your previous lifetime.

Sometimes, you meet people whom you think is too nice, kind, different, and so much more better than you.

Other times, you will meet someone who doesn’t share the same mindset as you yet have so much uncanny resemblance to you that you figure out he might just be your long-lost twin.

Sometimes, you go through life meeting so many different men with differing mindset but you have the feeling that the “next one” will end up being more perfect for you than the last one. I still believe in that till date, actually.

Other times you meet this one person whom you least expect to forge a chemistry, a bond so strong that you can’t imagine how strange the world will be if that person isn’t around.

Sometimes you meet random people on the streets, people who give you a moment of inspiration that can last a lifetime.

Other times, you seek this one person for the attention you need to let your emotions all fall apart and what the other person sees is only you in your raw-est, most vulnerable form.


The world is such a funny place, a place that even a human sometimes fail to comprehend. And I read somewhere that the most complicated being in the world is a human. I think the world is more complicated.


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