The Only Exception

Reading my two posts ago post just got me to the topic of boys / men that I’ve dated in throughout my life. Come to think of it, I’ve never exactly dated boys / men from my own race. Call me racist to my own kind but I’ve always find Malay boys tad unappealing with the whole influx of them being labelled as “mat reps”. Either that or they are drug dealers / gangsters / violent wife or girlfriend beaters / one-night standers / school drop-outs and so much more. The reality is such that Malays are so placed in the pits that sometimes I feel that the Indians are faring much better despite their lesser numbers in terms of population in Singapore.

Why you may ask I date Chinese / Indians or non-Malay boys. Well, simply because, I never visualized being married and sitting at home talking to my husband and kids in Malay. Call me an imposter but I grew up loving English books and detesting the sight of even the Malay papers. No, it’s not my parents who brought me up that way but I just feel that personally, Malay language can’t get you anywhere. The only thing it helps is to make sure your future generations that the Malay language does exist and does nothing more than that. Even the superpowers of the world speak minimal English, not Malay don’t they ? So don’t scrutinize me when I say I don’t date Malay boys.

I honestly find that their mental, emotional, physical and intellectual capacity cannot be matched to the other non-Malay boys. Maybe its a case of similar genes knocking each other off but I’d gladly open up my horizons to knowing a brand-new culture as opposed to being stuck within the 3 by 3 meter walls of marrying into your own race.

It’s a case of wanting to expand the family tree across the globe; that’s my personal take on why I date non-Malays. No, not in an SPG kind of way but yeah, mixed-blooded broods are my ultimate aim.


For all you know, 7 / 8 years down the road, you might be invited to my wedding and I may just end up marrying a Malay as a way that God wants to prove me wrong. God, surprise me why don’t you ?


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