Pet Peeves

Since I am heading towards my PMS days, I was thinking of summing up a list of things which irritate me. They are all in random order. It’s about time you figure out what it’s like dealing with a bitchy me when PMS comes a knock every month.

  • I dislike the sound of creaking doors, I always make sure they are hinged or each creaking sound brings you closer to me either slamming the door shut or spewing foul-language out of my lips.
  • I dislike waiting for anything; matter-of-fact, I’d prefer to be waited upon. We spend an average of 6 months of our entire lives waiting on red lights, how much more is going to be wasted on waiting for others?
  • I dislike cold temperatures like a cold office etc as anytime the temperature dips below 22 degrees Celsius, it will trigger my nose on a sneeze-fest. Very. Very. Messy. But give me a country with cold temperatures and my nose surprisingly adapts very well.
  • I dislike branded products. Yeah okaye, I may own a few designer goods but they aren’t bought from my own pockets, they are gifts from my family so that doesn’t count. The designer goods I loathe the most are the kinds which screams out the brand names; they will definitely send me running for the nearest exits for sure.
  • I dislike naggy people; especially those who always complain about how sad, unhappy, (fill in the blanks) their life is. Sure, nobody said life is easy but to take things in such a pessimistic point of view, I’d rather be dead then to life a life of self-inflicted misery.
  • I dislike the smell of flowers; especially white lilies – they itch the heck out of my nose.
  • I dislike non-ambitious men as the amount of ambition a man has gives me a sneak peek as to what the man is like. Whether he is the trust-worthy, goal-oriented kind of man or the sort who will marry you and expect you to bring home the bacon and clean the dishes.
  • I dislike sales even though I save all my salary’s worth of money just to splurge during the Great Singapore Sale. Yes, I am stingy with myself and my friends complain I don’t spend enough on myself but I find even greater joy buying things for the people I love, as compared to that guilty pleasure on myself ūüôā
  • I dislike horror flicks. Not because I am a pussy but more of like I spend three years of my life watching ever single horror flick on the planet with my ex-boyfriend that the whole I-paid-$6-to-scare-myself-silly thing turned boring and monotone. There’s more to life than ghosts; there’s Avatar. Now that’s just like the super-awesome movie of the century with the blue-skinned creatures; cool shit.
  • I dislike show-offs. Coming from a very down-to-Earth background, I am thankful that despite the luxuries in life granted by Him, I do not forget my roots and most importantly my religion and family. In this materialistic society, it’s real easy to be swayed to the Dark side and to sucked into a life surrounded by material wealth and I don’t deny it. Sometimes, you wish the magic formula to life is as simple as that. But reality is, everyone’s got bills to pay and hopefully, that keeps all of us grounded.

As a human, we are all guilty of being the kind who dislike a million and one things. But then again, we are not meant to be perfect so yeah, sometimes being not perfect is quite a good thing. It helps to keep you aware that not everybody out there shares the same thinking as you.

Here’s hoping everyone’s got a happy and positive day ahead!



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