If Your Underwear Could Speak

Again, I was reading an article online about what the type of underwear a girl wears somehow gives you a pretty vague idea of what her personality is like, read on to know more about your girlfriends / wifes !


Women who wear bikinis seek to maintain a balance in their lives. They like to be both feminine and comfortable. A little bit polished and a little bit playful. They’re smart, dependable multi-taskers who aren’t afraid to show their silly sides, apparent in the many panty colors and patterns they choose…purple and orange polka dots anyone?


Ladies who wear thongs are outgoing, adventuresome and open to new ideas. Youthful-minded and fashion-conscious, they regard panty lines and last season’s runway styles with equal disdain. And because the thong is just one step away from going commando, their panty choice says, “Hey, I’m brave…but I’m not stupid!”


Sporty and spirited describe the versatile women who wear these cute, comfy undies. They’re trustworthy and highly motivated, ready to meet any challenge head on. Resourceful and reliable they use their panty-wearing confidence to diffuse any situation.


Instant slimmers with tummy-control panels are great for special occasions and for those bloated pre-period days. Women who consistently wear them daily may be somewhat body conscious, but they’re also still very confident, and have a desire to be in control of their worlds. They’re not afraid to say, “Bring on the cheesecake.”

Matching bra and panties:

Wearing matching lingerie makes a woman feel more put together. Women who wear coordinated undergarments every day are fashion-forward, poised and like frequent pampering. They’re also well-organized, skilled negotiators. Oh, and given the price tags of these little numbers, I’m betting she’s wealthy…very wealthy.

Granny panties:

Sure, they like safety and security, but careful not to call these gals dull. To the contrary, they know how to put the fun in functional. They’re also competent, down-to-earth, and nurturing. Most importantly, they’re blissfully at peace with a reality the rest of us remain in denial about…we’re all headed to Granny-pantyland eventually so why fight it?

For the record, I am the matching bra & panties kind of girl who also has her mixed-match days but in general, I am the sort who loves her thongs & boy-shorts too much to even think about wearing granny pants when I turn 60 years old ! So for those who are keen on getting me lingerie for my upcoming birthdays…..


Don’t say I didn’t drop the clues for the Victoria Secret purchases !


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