Supersonic Processor

No, the title above has got nothing to do with technology. I was merely referring to a very basic, dare I say ancient skill that Man and animals share in common;

the liberty to…

Why I am talking about something as “personal” as this ? It’s ‘cos I have an absurdly supersonic digestive system that flushes out solidified toxins from dinner say within 20 minutes of my last spoon of dinner ? By the end of the whole toilet process, I will end up twice as hungry as before I ate dinner and the desire to eat is as though I’ve not eaten for weeks.

I’m thankful I can eat anything and everything and have my body flush out the bad stuffs almost immediately but sometimes, I wish I was given say an hour or two to enjoy the feeling of food settling into the walls of my stomach and intestines.

I’m just ranting, not expecting anyone with a proper solution.



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