A Creature of Habit

Maybe it’s a human trait but for me, I need some form of routine in my daily life so as to ensure that my schedules are all right in place. For sure, I am one with a daily planner which I plan out meticulously everyday and the best feeling in the world is to stand up against the white-board and check the box next to an outstanding task. Call me a perfectionist but I was built like that. So the same revolves around my daily task. For example, listed below are some of the daily habits I have that you may never know of:

  • I always cuddle my favorite teddy bear to sleep every single night for the last 21 (going on to 22 years by the way!)
    life. Call me childish but studies have shown that 60% of adults have a stinky pillow or stinky teddy bear to last them through their lives as it gives them a sense of security and comfort in times of distress. So I am a part of the statistics, that makes me normal.
  • I greet everyone at home first thing in the morning and last thing before I hit the sack with my trademark liner, “Good night, sleep well, sweet dreams, sleep tight & don’t let the bed bugs bite.” ever since I started stringing proper sentences. I even greet my two favorite hamsters to sleep as well. ūüôā
  • I dislike being interrupted when I am having my breakfast; it’s just a recipe for a disastrous morning with me. Don’t know why but it just happens to be that way somehow.

  • When I come home from work, I need to do four things to unwind from a long day at work; wash my smelly feet which has been encased in leather safety footwear, pee (for some strange reason, I will always end up with the urge to pee), wash my face and read the papers while having dinner. I call it my “me-time” and the unwinding down helps to relieve the pressures off work and make me have a better night’s sleep.
  • I need to drink hot Milo with 5 teaspoons of sugar in the morning and hot chocolate with four teaspoons of sugar at night. It’s like the perfect way to wake up and lull my tummy to sleep.

Funny how topsy-turvy my world can get when I don’t get things right and in order. Maybe I am just born with OCD, only the Lord knows.



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