The Truth

… seems so much more painful in reality. Sometimes I wonder whether the materialistic desires of yours actually makes you happy in the end as at the end of the day, I hope they do. As even till date, I still feel the pinch in my wallet, my gut, my heart and my head when I see you flaunting your wealth and supposed happiness.

But to ask why would be me doubting God’s decisions, so instead I’d like to know, how did you do it?

Sure, we aren’t on talking terms no more and even that seems easier said than done. Now that I have moved on with life, I do go through that guilt trip of reminiscing the three years gone in a poof just like nobody’s business. Call me sentimental but although I still think of you as a part of a distant memory, I feel sad to say that I can’t recall a single happy or sad memory of you with me. More like, when I hear your name, all that I see is a face to the name. No emotions or feelings attached to it anymore and for that I am glad as at long last, I don’t feel the burning pain in my throat every time I spell out my full name.


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