Why does it seems that people tend to have the swelled egos to talk behind your backs all the time but fail to confront you with that same amount of ego to confront the matter in your face and thereafter resolve the whole matter ?

Funny how the world is capable of producing such people with such detachable forms of egos that even sometimes, I always wonder which side of themselves are the ones that are revealing their true selves. Doesn’t it bother them when they talk ill about other people, other people also will ultimately talk ill about them. Largely because they are the kind of NATO people;

No Action, Talk Only.

When people tell me bad things about other people, do I share the word with other people ? Honestly no. As I feel sorry of I do speak an evil word about one person and then when the whole story comes back to me, the entire truth has been twisted by the addition of “salt and pepper” from the ones who got hold of the story in the first place. After all, being humans, we tend to want to hear news that are pleasing to our ears, right ?

I admit, I am human and do subject myself to the random gossiping with a group or two but I stop short at spreading falsified ideas that are just meant to fuel the gossip-mongers. Don’t they have a heart as to wonder what it will feel like to be in the betrayed person’s point of view ? Or are the humans I know nowadays the kind with detachable emotions and no heart to care for others’ feelings ?

Sometimes, it gets to me when I hear Person A is talking bad about me to Person B who in turn tells another story to Person C and the whole vicious cycle just goes on and on without me even knowing the story is all about me. Imagine the disappointment I feel when I find out that the root cause / person in the situation is the very person who come from the same management team as you. The same bloody person who claims “..all for one, one for all.”

It’s betrayal; the worst kind.

But me being the sweetheart will tend to overlook all their negative words and continue to be nice and cordial to them.

“WHY so stupid ?”

I’m not surprised if you ask me that question.

I’m not being stupid. I just hope that someday, my kindness will melt down their evil hearts and make them change. It may veer between being an impossible task or even worst, they may end up not changing at all. But I seek fulfillment in the fact that I never stooped as low as them to the point of badmouthing just because the other person is far better at something than me.

Maybe the world may never understand why I do it but I know, He does.


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