Adding Up to 10

Sure, these are excerpts from the Bible and will definitely put me in the spotlight as a contradicting Muslim but sometimes, we should take a minute and stop to think why other people believe in different things compared to us. Other times, we can learn a thing or two that makes their religion unique and different from us. Also, we may want to learn a thing or two about understanding and being socially accepting of others.

I add the list above into today’s quote not for the religious nature of it. I added it for the reason that every religion out there teaches us to love. Love is beautiful. Regardless of whether you are a Muslim, Hindu or Protestant.

And I admit I am still thrusting my heart out there to love another imperfect human, perfectly in my own way. He doesn’t have to fit the Top 10 perfectly and neither do I care if I take a million years to find The One, I know he will be worth waiting for.

Cheers, to love.



3 thoughts on “Adding Up to 10

  1. That is an amazing picture with the quotes from the bible. It really reminds us how to truly love one another. Great job.

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