Enamoured Enough

… to step out of the house with a briefcase full of notes, all-ready to take over the world with my own hands and mine alone.

… to be all alone as  I wander the streets to go about and do my own things without the need to have someone next to me to accompany me.

… to see overly-in-love young couples french-kissing at the traffic lights and telling myself, “Aha, been there and done that.”

… to plug on my headphones as I hum to the tunes of Bruno Mars as the clouds reveal a little extra sunshine on me today as I walk beneath the railway tracks.

… to make a Credit Card purchase for an item with the card registered under my own name and I am solely responsible for my own upkeep and no one else is.

… to be caught  by my colleagues while I was out shopping and to have them fixing the puzzled look that I am insane to be shopping all alone in a crowded mall.

“Why are you shopping alone today..?” they asked.
“Well, why can’t I? Every self-assured woman has every right to spend till her last penny on her own..” was my answer.

And the looks I left them with, is ultimately, the classic icing on the cake.


I’m at peace with myself even more now, much much happier than I was before.
Thankful; always have and always will be, to be granted this one shot to prove my detractors wrong and come up tops.


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