Boiling Point: 98%

Doesn’t it irritate you when technology fails on you ? Like even the simplest of tasks like plugging your million and one thumbdrives will prompt your decade old (I am exaggerating but Toby is four years old and that is obsolete in computer age)  laptop with a Trojan threat. Funny thing is, I used all my thumbdrives at work and I am not prompted with such screens.


Just when I thought bringing home work is a good thing. It isn’t if your laptop can’t even perform the simplest of things like reading your thumbdrives. I think I need a computer, maybe an additional external hard-drive isn’t enough no more.


I so am going to burn a huge hole in my pocket with the fact that my phone and technology lifeline (read: laptop) is dying on my at just about the same time. Somebody please get me a rich boyfriend to marry so that my financial technology woes can easily end with just the handing over of an AMEX card to the cashier counter.


Well, on to less stressful things (I think work is less stressful than dealing with a malfunctioning laptop you know?), I googled my next big purchase!

I should just go to sleep and sleep over the fact that I just wasted my two offs day doing nothing productive, work-wise. Discipline, now that’s a hard word to find in my dictionary when I am off work.


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