Silence of the Hearts

Silence of the Hearts

I yearned to pull the telephone lines and dial the familiar number I have mentally memorised,
But like the saying familiarity breeds contempt,
So I recoiled my fingers, shoved the telephone away from me,
and headed to bed confident that I can go on a night without talking to him,
Or anyone for that matter.
And I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and rejuvenated,
Silence works wonders to the weary soul,
Even more than even talking to a confidante with whom you’ve shared your deepest secrets with.
But the familiarity that have been of second nature to me is getting up on his feet,
Moving slowly and steadily away from me with humbled eyes.
I don’t know whether to call him to turn back and look at me one last time,
Before he disappears and never comes back, but like most stories out there,
There is a but; a something holding me back,
Disapproving me from letting out my voice to call out his name,
Even if I shout with all my might.
So I watched over the nights as I axed yet another date of not talking to him,
and I do feel the familiarity fading into the darkness,
and although I am not sure if he will come running back,
I feel a whole weight lifted off my shoulders,
And I guess and can only hope that this decision,
Is the best thing I would have done for me.

** The things that silence does to you; virtually infinite. Silence does help to ignite certain things that no amount of noise can create. Certain things like the prose above. Trust me when I say I used to be the Queen of Prose, now it feels as though I am going back to those days again. Lovely, good ‘ol days.**


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