Funny how the world thinks that we are a couple, but on hindsight we actually aren’t.

Funny how my Dad appears to be exceptionally fond of you, but I am not.

Funny how Brother tease me relentlessly over attracting men way shorter than me, but I don’t give two hoots about them all.

Funny how we can talk at great lengths with each other over anything beyond the stars and the moon but when it comes to matters of the heart, I just involuntarily clam up.

Funny how I invite you over for dinners, parties, family gatherings yet you aren’t officially announced as my significant other.

Funny how sometimes I feel that you know me more than I know myself but I don’t feel the compulsive need to want to share a lifetime with you.

Funny how I think you know more secrets about me, then my other two best friends.

Funny how I can reveal to you shocking details about my shaving moments so easily at a public bus-stop yet never ever consider sharing them with my other BFFs.

Funny how I let you see the side of me others don’t get to see.

Funny how I turn to you even if it is to share the lamest joke of the day yet not worry or miss you even if I forget to call back last week.

Funny how I told you not long ago that I never pictured a future with you but something more like a distant dream.

Funny how when I lay all my cards on the table, I still root for you to be successful and make it big someday.

Funny how I can recall the things you yearn for and get them delivered to you in a near-instant.

Funny how I can bother giving you the bigger share of my dinner even though I am starving and can easily gorge down an ape.

Funny how strangely silent the world is when I don’t call you for a couple of days and how not calling equates to me pushing you even further away from me.

Funny how when I tell jokes, you tend to laugh at all of them.

Funny how when I order things, you always order the same damn thing and that will irritate me till no end.

Funny how you actually harbored feelings for me right back since 2005 but took a million years to tell me.

Funny how you went around stealing my first kiss.

Funny how I see you as the perfect husband, but not for me.

Funny how you can wake up at 3am in the morning and still bother listening to me whine about being attacked by a colony of mosquitoes lurking in the dark.

Funny how you seem to be the cheapest man I ever really know; yes the $2 flower is back to haunt you again.


But above it all,

Funny how you are still willing to love me even though I tell you many times it’s not worth loving someone who doesn’t know how to love you back.

So at the end of the day, even if we wind up as enemies one day, I hope you know that I am eternally blessed to have you around from the time you were my school-mate turned class-mate turned movie-date turned significant other turned strictly platonic turned BFF.

Thank You;
I treasure you with all my life.


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