Muddled Minds

Is there such a thing as loving someone too much ?

Is there this thing called (In Malay) “tawar hati” whereby you have lost the love for a person after going through the motions of fighting and making up over and over ?

If someone sees you as his The One but you don’t reciprocate the same way, what’s that supposed to mean ?

Is there such a thing as me being The One for someone but I see The One in someone else ?

How would you know that the both of you are The One for each other ?

Is there such a thing as a fairy-tale ending ?

Do you tend not to be in love with a person whom you know too much ?

Why doesn’t strictly platonic male & female friendships not exist ?

Is it worth it waiting up for someone whom you know won’t mend his ways ?

Why do we all have our on perceptions of others when we ourselves aren’t even close to perfect ?

Would it kill us to know the one that we love will never end up being ours at the end of the day ?

Why do we love ?


Again, another random post with a flurry of questions popping out of my head like LED lights on the Las Vegas strip. Good Lord, sometimes I think I am too deep for my own good.


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