A Man with A Million Faces

If you choose to write in some foreign language what your heart wants to say, then by all means do be my guest. But do not bother password-protecting the post and when I unlocked the post, all of it is written in Hindi. Does that give me the free will to ask you to translate or does it mean that you have things to say to me yet you don’t want me to understand what the heck you are talking about ?

And for the record, I am a loyal reader of your site. I am not one of those who “bothers to even read” the posts. To think that you are a Psychology student, it amazes me how complicated you are even on the front of others, especially me. I said we are world’s apart and I still will not remove that label as sometimes I think I know you but other times you turn 360 degrees around and then I am stuck thinking, “Hey, this is not how he was like.” You are more complicated than me, seriously and I take my hats off to you, any day.

If you are doing all this jazz hoping that I will be able to peel out the intricate layers of your many personalities – and then reveal your true form –  then you are so, so wrong. I dislike a man with more emotional baggage than me.


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