Differing Drivers

In McDonald’s life, we are driven by the fact that we have 10 CSO Drivers which we have vowed to live by when we are on-floor running the shift. On top of that, we have the KSF Drivers which determines the work-flow of the areas that we are taking care of; whether it’s Production, Service or Shift.

However, on top of those and also the 12 other Drivers that we have to memorize and churn out in our hearts, we also have the other Drivers.

These other drivers comprises of the different reasons why different people from different walks of life actually converge into one giant McDonald’s umbrella. Initially I thought that everyone in the management team are the self-driven and committed managers who won’t bat an eyelid when asked to do extra work but as time progresses, I noticed that there are different reasons why some of the managers are still in the system even when they are considerably more senior than the Restaurant Managers themselves.


Driver 1: Paycheck

Yes, some of the managers earn more than the average Restaurant Managers and I feel that they are still in the system because they want the money for their next big purchase. I find these sort of people somewhat hypocritical and I know I won’t fall into this category as I know if I ever reach this state, I will quit my job and find a more fulfilling one and not one that churns out and pays for my daily expenditure.

Driver 2: Relations

Some managers are in the system as their spouses are also in the same system. Tell me, whatever happened to individuality ? I understand that some of those happily-ever-after stories occurred after they have carved out a new life with McDonald’s but really, aren’t there other jobs out there for the both of you ?

I feel that it would be immensely terrible if the both of you are working under the same boss and see each other while at work and off it. I think life will be boring like that. Plus, shift work is extremely unhealthy. I wouldn’t continue doing shift work if I know I am intending to have kids. The working hours are a killjoy to any marriage regardless of whether both parties are in the system or not. Okaye, this is just my opinion; please do not spam me.

Driver 3: Tick Tock

Believe it or not, there are also those managers who punch in to work just to fill up their retirement time ! Good Lord, I’ll gladly retire and sit home watch the Korean serials and take up a less stressful job than to be in the system when I am 50 odd. At least then, I’ll die later than when I am in the system. Dots.

Driver 4: Passion

These kind of people are a rarity considering the fact that most of the managers are in the system as a form of stepping-stone for their careers. Passionate managers are the kind who gladly take the time off their already hectic schedule to help others who ask them a million and one question and never losing the patience to their questions. These people are the reason why the McDonald’s people are well-sought long after their McDonald’s careers are over. They live, breathe, eat and sleep McDonald’s but not to the extend of their health, or social life. They know after many years of cultivating the perfect balance between work and play and are still able to balance both seamlessly.

These people are the inspiring people whom you wish to emulate when you get to where they are a few years down the road.


So our industries may be different but I’m sure you can relate with me the people listed above, right ? Where do I stand you may ask. Well, I am not a gold-digging kind who is after the bucks and I am sure the ones closest to me can agree with me on that. I am swinging single and I am not in the industry just because my boyfriend or potential boyfriends are in the industry and I want to be as close to him as possible. I am nowhere near the ripe old age of 50 so how can I possibly retire now ? I just passed the cusps of adulthood and is still a smokin’ hot twenty-one year old lass looking for a kill in the corporate ladder, heh. I am driven and when I find something I have a passion for, I will go all out for it. Some people call it workaholic but I beg to differ. I’d love to be looked upon as the one in Driver 4 but for now, I am taking the baby steps to emulate certain characteristics in my Boss which I see is a perfect role-model for me. Let’s hope, someday I get to be the #4 Driver.



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