The One When I Cried While I Was Heading To Work

Sometimes, you see and bear witness to things that makes you cry or sniff a silent tear; it could be something heart-warming or even heart-breaking. Today was the day I sniffed and have tears trickling down my cheeks that has been carefully concealed with a thick dollop of concealer from last night’s late work… when I barely stepped out of the neighborhood to head to work in the blistering afternoon.

So you may wonder what made me cry today ?

It wasn’t an action; it was mere words. Maybe I am in the PMS-ing hyper-sensitive kind of moments but only the Lord knows that part.

Here’s what made me cry, today:

those sunflowers will grow with me.

ill replant them.

ill talk to them.

ill share with them like i shared with you.

ill cry with them like i cried with you.

ill laugh with them like i laughed with you, even if they dont laugh back.

ill live through them.


Up till this very hour whereby the moment has passed like more than twelve hours ago, I still ponder as to what made me cry. Even as I read it after I got back from work, I still tear at the very same paragraph. Plus, having Secondhand Seranade’s Fall For You playing in the background isn’t helping either. Oh well.


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