My 3 Pregnancies

At the beginning of this year, I got married. Okaye, it may come to one and all as a complete surprise but hey, here are the details whether you can stomach it or not. The exact date was January 1st 2010 but we consummated our marriage on January 3rd 2010. Not long after that, I got the green light from my doctors that said I was pregnant with our first child. It was a hard-fought battle as I was gasping for breath when I was delivering him as he was one mighty child to behold. He was an aggressive and naughty bundle but I knew he was the start of my journey of unconditional love.

I named him, Operations Supply.

Give or take a few weeks after that and I delivered my next child. Yes, it didn’t take that long for the next pregnancy to occur because after all I am in the fast-track program for everything related to my marriage of choice.

My next baby, was another boy and I christened him, Stationery.

The eldest was a rough diamond that was dying to be flawless; smoothen around the edges and he will be a complete gem while the latter was just too quiet for my on sanity. Then, in July 2010 I received a bombshell. I was gifted with another baby that wasn’t entirely planned for in the near-future. She was going to be my adopted baby and I was told to be prepared to leave Ops Supply and Stationery by the chimney as the 3rd child would be the one that takes up the most amount of time, money and space in myself. I was struggling to make ends meet by the time the third one arrived and I was rather hesitant about taking up additional burden in my hands as I feel that I may not be up for it. Yet.

But somehow along the way, I discovered I was on a crossroad of sorts. I could easily chose to pack my bags, leave the kids behind and start afresh at some place less hectic and have a more sane married life but something kept holding me back. I don’t know what it was but maybe, I chose to stay behind out of sheer commitment to my own word. I want others to be able to see me as one of those people who can be entrusted with something or two; even if it means giving up my social life for it. So I took it upon myself as a challenge and decided that if it was what I need to do to make my marriage work, I would give up anything for the world.

Dessert Kiosk was born one month shy of my 22nd birthday and till date, I can say the ride has been an absolute whirlwind journey. With three kids in tow, I can easily find another place to hone my maternal instincts and take a backseat in discovering my own life unfolding. But I chose to stick to my guns despite knowing the entire world sort of frowns over my decision to be married to my..

.. job.

2010 was the start of my life with McDonald’s; January 1st was the day I first joined the system and fast-forward to this date, I still love McDonald’s despite the hectic schedule that a typical fast-paced environment conditions you to work. She has completely changed my life upside down, inside out to the point that I can’t imagine living a life as a consumer of the Golden Arches. I would rather be in the backstage, carrying out the theatrics that we McDonald’s people inject into an otherwise mundane human life. 3 babies on and I still have no regrets whatsoever. I refuse to acknowledge any pitfall as a barrier towards achieving my future goals. Each pitfall has made me turn into a somewhat better person now as compared to in the past. My amazing journey with McDonald’s began a while back and I never regret signing the dotted line that states that I will be committing my near-future life to them.

Never did, and I hope I never will.


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