Talking to The Moon

By right, I am supposed to post how my birthday went since technically, July 5th is my 22nd Birthday for the year 2010. But considering the fact that I am going crazy over this song, I weigh the post in greater favor of the song. (Plus the song is indirectly related to my last post.) Apologies to myself; hmm.. Not that I mind, actually.


I was introduced to this song by a manager friend of mine who related to me the entire story behind the song. Ironic but true considering the fact that now the song had sort of come full circle and I honestly love the lyrics when I first heard it on YouTube.

This song sits right smack on the top of my favorite Bruno Mars songs followed closely by Grenade and thereafter Just the Way You Are. I can safely conclude that my next pay-check will be spent investing on Bruno Mars’ Doolops and Hooligans CD as till date, I already like 5 of his songs already. There’s something about his voice, extremely melancholic and down-right romantic/painful when he sings his songs. Lovely voice, lovely lyrics and in general, he looks like an affable character in real life. I’m sure there are plenty of girls out there who wants him to be their boyfriend after his current top Billboard chart-topper, Just the Way You Are. I admit that I secretly am one of them too. Hee ! But nah, I doubt I’d like to date yet another singer who serenades me with such a commercialized song.

He can sing me this song and hell yes, you don’t have to talk to any moon, anymore baby.





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