Cougar Town

Today, I woke up recalling a dream I just had the night before. I dreamt that I was in an unexpected relationship with a manager friend of mine. Before my close circle of friends start spewing rumor about who the man is, allow me to assure you that the manager I dreamt of is my junior manager who is working in the current store I am in and he is three years my junior !

I suppose you already may guess who the man is by now?


Why do I say the dream is odd you may ask me but seriously, we’ve been going on with the sweet nothings at work (out of fun to lighten the mood at work) that it finally escalated to my dreams. Plus, he promised he’ll get me my Victoria’s Secret lingerie by year’s end for my belated birthday gift too ! Hee, for the record, even if I have a thing for him, I would have chased him long ago since that time I joined the system but considering that I am in the system for more than half a year and I have yet to chase him speaks alot ok.

(Every time I think about dating younger men, I think of the hit series Cougar Town. Don’t ask me why. But if I were Courtney Cox’s age and still is swinging single and still have a hot body, I wouldn’t mind being a cougar.)


Yes, I’ve dated younger men before. In fact, I used to find them to be quite the adorable bunch as they are so innocent and more fun than the older guys out there. Also, my track record for dating younger men isn’t that bad too. My longest relationship with a boy two years my junior lasted a good 1.5 years and that was during my secondary school days. Also, we still keep in touch even till now; he still wants to woo me just like those childish days of ours you know ?

Look at the following celebrity-cougar pairing ?

Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore

They don’t look that bad after all, right ?


But sadly, times changed me and now, all that I want is to settle down with a man who is at max 5 years older than me but still have that air of immaturity like me. I maybe twenty-year old but there’s this inner child in me waiting to be cuddled.


So yes, dreaming about this manager friend of mine being my significant other is just so wrong. Now I can’t possibly look at him in the same light. Oh my goodness, how am I going to work today…. I am running shift with him !


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